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What is Maru Summit LLC?

A boutique micro-VC unlike no other. We invest in just 1-2 companies every year, actively helping, advising, and guiding you and your team to help you reach your full potential.

About us

Noam Rathaus and Aviram Jenik are serial entrepreneurs having founded and exited multiple successful, profitable companies in the cybersecurity space.

For more information, visit their LinkedIn:

Aviram Jenik

Noam Rathaus

Portfolio Companies

April Firmware Threat Report

May 17th, 2022|Eclypsium|

Summary Take-Aways Up Front: * Russian threat actors continue to employ multiple IV (initial vectors) into target networks, and carry out multi-objective operations once inside,

Wait A Momnet…

March 9th, 2022|Illustria|

Meet momnet, an npm package that was identified to target the popular moment package users, using Typosquatting. Do you know that annoying feeling when you


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